Interview Process

We want to get to know you.

This is an intensive program suited to people who are committed to working hard at both work and school and who are at a stage in their careers where they can reap the rewards of that commitment. During the interview, we are looking for you to share

  • your project management and budget experience, career progression and proven leadership and supervisory skills.
  • your current level of management responsibility.
  • your opportunities to apply the program’s content to your organization.
  • your academic preparation, including college, post-graduate and either GMAT or Executive Assessment performance.
  • your background and experience relative to how they will fit within your class and your cross-functional C-Team.
  • your ability to contribute to the classroom experience based on qualifications relative to others in a competitive pool of applicants.

Pre-interview consultations are available anytime to determine your fit and timing, counsel you on GMAT or Executive Assessment prep and consult with you on approaching your employer for sponsorship. These consultations are also used to help you decide between the Executive MBA and the Americas MBA for Executives.