Deadlines and Interview Events

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Deadlines and Interview Events


2013-2014 MAcc Valuation Admissions Deadlines and Events

Admissions process for candidates looking to begin the MAcc Valuation program in Fall 2014 and graduate in May 2015.

Candidates should apply for one of the following application rounds.

Round Deadline to Apply
Open House Admissions Event
1 September 3, 2013 Thursday Sept 26 & Friday Sept 27, 2013
2 October 1, 2013 Thursday Oct 24 & Friday Oct 25, 2013
3 October 21, 2013 Thursday Nov 14 & Friday Nov 15, 2013
4 November 4, 2013 Thursday Dec 5 & Friday Dec 6, 2013
5 January 20, 2014 Thursday Feb 13 & Friday Feb 14, 2014
6 February 17, 2014 Thursday March 13 & Friday March 14, 2014
7 March 17, 2014 Thursday April 3 & Friday April 4, 2014

Deposits are due 30 days after admissions decisions are given.

Applications are accepted & admissions decisions made after the seventh round on a rolling basis. Please contact us if you have questions regarding the timing of your application or decision.

1st round interviews:

Selected applicants are invited to interview with one of the MAcc program directors. Interviews are conducted by phone, video call or in person (depending on applicant's location).

2nd round interview/Open House Admissions events:

After the first round interview with one of the MAcc program directors, selected applicants will be invited to join us in Nashville for a second round interview and campus visit during one of our campus interview events.

The MAcc & MAcc Valuation Open House events are weekday events and are a great opportunity to learn more about the MAcc & MAcc Valuation programs. Applicants will meet representatives from the MAcc partner firms and interact with other applicants, current students, faculty and staff involved with the program. As part of the evaluative interview process, applicants will interview with the MAcc program director during the visit.

MAcc & MAcc Valuation Open House Admissions Event
Thursday, Oct 23 to Friday, Oct 24, 2014
MAcc & MAcc Valuation Open House Admissions Event
Thursday, Dec 4 to Friday, Dec 5, 2014
MAcc & MAcc Valuation Open House Admissions Event
Thursday, Mar 12 to Friday, Mar 13, 2015
MAcc & MAcc Valuation Open House Admissions Event
Thursday, Apr 2 to Friday, Apr 3, 2015

Welcome Weekend is a weekend event (Friday evening to Saturday evening) specifically for admitted MAcc & MAcc Valuation students. This weekend is a great opportunity to get to know and interact with fellow incoming students, as well as to learn more about what to expect in the program and about living in Nashville. Students will also begin the recruiting process during a reception and panel discussion with the MAcc partner firms.

MAcc & MAcc Valuation Welcome Weekend, invite-only
Friday, Apr 17 to Saturday, Apr 18, 2015 | Nashville, Tennessee

Applicants invited by the Vanderbilt MAcc Valuation program to a campus interview event who are receiving a travel reimbursement should wait to hear from the Admissions team, as we may direct bill with the hotel and book your reservation on your behalf.

Interested in Visiting Vanderbilt Before Applying?
If you are considering application to the Vanderbilt MAcc Valuation program and would like to arrange a meeting with one of the MAcc program directors, please email us.