MAcc Valuation

Tuition and Beyond


The MAcc Valuation program cost for the 2016-17 academic year:

Tuition - $51,900
Books and Supplies - $1,842
Rent/Utilities - $14,004 ($1,167 monthly over 12 months)
Meals - $4,158
Personal Expenses - $2,838
Health Insurance - $2,484
Student Fees - $438
Transportation - $1,994
Loan Fees - $1,272
Total = $80,930

Additional Fees:
Orientation - $350
Becker CPA Review - $3,400 (the cost is usually covered if a student has accepted a fulltime position with a partner firm)

All Own students live off campus. There are several residential buildings within one mile of Owen and several more that are within walking distance. Our students typically publish an overview of housing options in March and post it to the Admitted Applicants website. You may also use Vanderbilt University’s off-campus referral service provided by the Vanderbilt University Office of Housing and Residential Education.

Health Insurance
Health insurance is required for all students. The university offers a health insurance plan for students and their families. You may view a copy of the Graduate/Professional & International Brochure on health insurance by visiting our Student Health Center website.