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KC Kelleher

Hometown: Destin, FL
Undergrad Institution: University of Florida
Concentration: Strategy
Specialization: Health Care
Summer Internship: Amplion Clinical Communications (Healthcare IT start-up)
Owen Clubs: Healthcare Club, Healthcare Conference, Finance Club, Golf Club, Consulting Club
Fun Fact: I once won a bullfighting competition in Mexico.



Allyson Mariani

Hometown: Easton, PA
Undergrad Institution: University of Pennsylvania
Concentration: Strategy & Finance
Specialization: Health Care
Summer Internship: Corporate Strategy, DaVita Healthcare Partners Inc.
Owen Clubs: VP of Finance of Vanderbilt Health Care Conference, Chairman of Owen Honor Council, Owen Sports Club, Cork & Barrel
Fun Fact: I've been to the Amazon rainforest, but just like my favorite action hero, Indiana Jones, I'm still terrified of snakes.



Jennifer Pasteris

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Undergrad Institution: Trinity University in San Antonio, TX
Concentration: Strategy & Operations
Specialization: Health Care
Summer Internship: Texas Children's Hospital, Texas Children's Pediatrics Operations
Owen Clubs: Board Member of Healthcare Club, Peer Coach, Consulting Club, Healthcare Conference
Fun Fact: While I was studying abroad in Spain, my friend accidentally chipped my tooth (big time). I didn't get it fixed until I got home 4 months later.



Armen Henderson

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Undergrad Institution: Mansfield University (undergrad), Meharry Medical College
Concentration: General Management
Specialization: Health Care
Summer Internship: Healthcare Admin/Operations Intern, Houston Methodist Hospital
Owen Clubs: OBSA, GBA, Project Pyramid
Fun Fact: I am a 2013 Ironman finisher!