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Human & Organizational Performance CONCENTRATION

Alneada Biggers 

Alneada Biggers (MBA/JD)

Hometown: Tuskegee, AL
Undergrad Institution: Harvard University
Concentration: HOP & Strategy
Summer Internship: Human Capital Summer Associate, Deloitte
Owen Clubs: VP, Owen Black Student Association; HOPA, Consulting Club, Cork & Barrel
Fun Fact: Spin/ Twerkout Fitness Fanatic; Hip-Hop aficionado; Lover of Beets; Hater of Chocolate 


Caitlin Herrick 

Caitlin Herrick

Hometown: Monroe, CT
Undergrad Institution: McGill University
Concentration: HOP, Operations and Strategy
Summer Internship: Deloitte Consulting - Human Capital Summer Association
Owen Clubs: President, HOPA; VP of Communications, Gay-Straight Alliance, Women's Business Association, Cork & Barrel, Owen Culinary Society
Fun Fact: I have lived half of my life outside of the USA, in Belgium, France, and Canada  


Ben Jensen  

Ben Jenson

Hometown: Chicago, IL and Portland, OR
Undergrad Institution: Brigham Young University
Concentration: HOP, Strategy and Operations
Summer Internship: Nashville Entrepreneur Center
Owen Clubs: HOPA, Culinary Club, OPA, Gay-Straight Alliance
Fun Fact: I speak Spanish and was almost born in Mexico, though the two are unrelated.

Kaye Luenprakansit 

Kaye Luenprakansit

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Undergrad Institution: University of California, Irvine
Concentration: HOP & Strategy
Summer Internship: Hewlett-Packard
Owen Clubs: HOPA, Women's Business Association, Owen Culinary Society, Owen Black Student Association
Fun Fact: I once ate a 32oz steak in one sitting. And, lived to tell the story!

Clayton Williams 

Clayton Williams

Hometown: Spokane, WA
Undergrad Institution: Washington State University
Concentration: Operations and Strategy
Specialization: HOP
Summer Internship: GE - Power and Water
Owen Clubs: HOPA, OPA, Culinary Club
Fun Fact: I first tried to bungee jump at age 8, but was not allowed since I did not meet the weight requirements.  Since then, I have put on a few pounds and taken the plunge eight separate times.


Sung WooChoi 

Sung Wook Choi

Hometown: Seoul, Korea
Undergrad Institution: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea
Concentration: HOP, Operations and Strategy
Specialization: Healthcare
Emphasis: International Studies
Summer Internship: Sponsored
Owen Clubs: Health Care Club, Japan Business Club, Cork & Barrel, Armed Forces Club
Fun Fact: I was a photographer and music director for several fashion shows!