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Strategy Concentration


Paul Whitmire

Hometown: What's a hometown?!?! I guess I'd call Mississippi or Arizona "home," but home is a very fluid concept for this MBA...
Undergrad Institution: Mississippi State University
Concentration: Finance & Strategy
Summer Internship: Credit Suisse - Investment Banking
Owen Clubs: President, OGSA; Finance Club, Texas Club, Christian Business Association
Fun Fact: I lived in the jungles of Papua (formally Irian Jaya) Indonesia from 1994-1997



Matt Lawrence

Hometown: Benton, Arkansas
Undergrad Institution: Notre Dame
Concentration: Finance & Strategy
Summer Internship: Corporate Strategy & Finance, Walmart
Owen Clubs: OGSA, Finance Club, Cork & Barrel
Fun Fact: Named "Best Aviator" in Notre Dame's Pilot Initiative Program without ever flying a plane.



Ricky Blackmon

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Undergrad Institution:
Texas A&M University
Concentration: Finance & Strategy
Emphasis: Energy
Summer Internship: ExxonMobil - Corporate Finance
Owen Clubs: Finance Club, Energy Club, Texas Club
Fun Fact: My wife's favorite game to play is, "What color does Ricky see?" I'm very, very colorblind.



Theo Okai

Hometown: Accra, Ghana
Undergrad Institution: University of Cape Coast, Ghana
Concentration: Finance & Strategy
Summer Internship: Cardinal Health, Inc. (Project Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis)
Owen Clubs: VP of Finance, OBSA; Finance Club, Consulting Club
Fun Fact: I'm still very committed to learning how to play the keyboard although it has remained a New Year's resolution for years.



Luciana Burstein

Hometown: Chiclayo, Peru
Undergrad Institution: Universidad del Pacifico (Lima, Peru)
Concentration: Finance & Strategy
Summer Internship: Strategy Intern, Fisher-Price
Owen Clubs: Latin Business Association
Fun Fact: My favorite food is shellfish, but I'm allergic to them.



Vera Uboytseva

Hometown: Kazan, Russia
Undergrad Institution: Rochester Institute of Technology, NY
Concentration: Finance & Strategy
Summer Internship: Shell Oil
Owen Clubs: President, Energy Club, GBA
Fun Fact:
Once I was on the bus that was hijacked by the guy who didn't know how to drive the bus.



Austin Ball

Hometown: Long Island, New York
Undergrad Institution: Gettysburg College
Concentration: Finance, Accounting and Strategy
Summer Internship: Summer Associate, Investment Banking, Jefferies
Owen Clubs: Director of Events of Finance Club, Treasurer, Net Impact, Golf Club, Sports Club
Fun Fact: I caught an 80 pound sailfish in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Mozambique on my honeymoon last year!



Megan Eberhard

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Undergrad Institution: Washington University in St. Louis
Concentration: General Management & Strategy
Specialization: Health Care
Summer Internship: Amgen, Commercial Leadership Development Program
Owen Clubs: 2013 Co-Chair, Vanderbilt Health Care Conference; Health Care Club, Cork & Barrel, Women in Business Association
Fun Fact: I've finished five marathons!



Tyler Narveson

Hometown: Denver, CO
Undergrad Institution: Colorado State University
Concentration: General Management, HOP, Strategy
Emphasis: International Studies
Summer Internship: DaVita
Owen Clubs: Greater China Business Club, Gay-Straight Alliance
Fun Fact: I love traveling, and have a goal of visiting 50 countries by the time I turn 30.



Ashley Delaney

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Undergrad Institution: University of Florida
Marketing & Strategy
Specialization: Brand Management
Emphasis: Entrepreneurship
Summer Internship: H.J. Heinz
Owen Clubs: President, Marketing Club; Vanderbilt Entrepreneurship Assoc., 100% Owen, Sports Club, Women's Business Assoc.
Fun Fact: I went to China this summer through Owen's "Doing Business in China" program



Laine Israel

Hometown: Omaha, NE
Undergrad Institution: University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Concentration: Marketing & Strategy
Specialization: Brand Management
Summer Internship: Darden Restaurants
Owen Clubs: Vanderbilt Marketing Assoc., Women's Business Assoc., 100% Owen
Fun Fact: I'm getting married 3 weeks after graduation!!!



Maulik Handiwala

Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ
Undergrad Institution: National Institute of Technology, India
Concentration: Marketing, Strategy & Finance
Summer Internship: Medtronic, Inc.
Owen Clubs: Vanderbilt Marketing Assoc., Consulting Club, 100% Owen, Culinary Club
Fun Fact: I attended an implant surgery standing next to an electrophysiologist during my summer internship!



Arpita Shinde

Hometown: Indore, India
Undergrad Institution: Advi Ahily University, India & (Graduate school) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York
Concentration: Operations & Strategy
Summer Internship: Amazon, Operations Intern
Owen Clubs: VP of Communications, Operations Club; VP of International Affairs, OGSA



Guy Baldwin

Hometown: Oak Ridge, TN
Undergrad Institution: U.S. Air Force Academy
Concentration: Operations & Strategy
Summer Internship: Business Analyst, Chevron (Procurement/Supply Chain Management)
Owen Clubs: President of Operations Club; Armed Forces Club, Golf Club
Fun Fact: I've been 50,000 feet in the air and 130 feet under the water.



Fazulul Haque Sheik (Sheik)

Hometown: Bangalore, India
Undergrad Institution: National Defence Academy, India
Concentration: Operations, HOP & Strategy
Summer Internship: Cisco Systems
Owen Clubs: HOPA, Operations Club, GBA
Fun Fact: No matter how late I go to bed, I can't sleep beyond 5:30 in the morning! Weekends included!



Hosung Lee

Hometown: Busan, S. Korea
Undergrad Institution: Pusan National University in S. Korea
Concentration: Operations, Strategy, and Finance
Owen Clubs: Owen Golf Club
Fun Fact: I have worked for 7 years with an airline company, which sponsors me to be here. However I have no idea of how to travel by a flight.



John Choate

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Undergrad Institution: UNC - Chapel Hill
Concentration: Strategy
Specialization: Real Estate
Summer Internship: The Mathews Company - Real Estate Finance
Owen Clubs: Real Estate Club
Fun Fact: I was once in a television commercial for SATCO.



KC Kelleher

Hometown: Destin, FL
Undergrad Institution: University of Florida
Concentration: Strategy
Specialization: Health Care
Summer Internship: Amplion Clinical Communications (Healthcare IT start-up)
Owen Clubs: Healthcare Club, Healthcare Conference, Finance Club, Golf Club, Consulting Club
Fun Fact: I once won a bullfighting competition in Mexico.



Allyson Mariani

Hometown: Easton, PA
Undergrad Institution: University of Pennsylvania
Concentration: Strategy & Finance
Specialization: Health Care
Summer Internship: DaVita Healthcare Partners Inc., Corporate Strategy
Owen Clubs: VP of Finance of Vanderbilt Health Care Conference, Chairman of Owen Honor Council, Owen Sports Club, Cork & Barrel
Fun Fact: I've been to the Amazon rainforest, but just like my favorite action hero, Indiana Jones, I'm still terrified of snakes.



Jennifer Pasteris

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Undergrad Institution: Trinity University in San Antonio, TX
Concentration: Strategy & Operations
Specialization: Health Care
Summer Internship: Texas Children's Hospital, Texas Children's Pediatrics Operations
Owen Clubs: Board Member, Healthcare Club; Peer Coach, Consulting Club, Healthcare Conference
Fun Fact: While I was studying abroad in Spain, my friend accidentally chipped my tooth (big time). I didn't get it fixed until I got home 4 months later.





Sidney Kerr

Hometown: West Lafayette, IN
Undergrad Institution: Purdue University
Concentration: Strategy & Operations
Specialization: HOP
Summer Internship: Johnson & Johnson HRLDP
Owen Clubs: HOPA, Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), Owen Black Student Assoc. (OBSA), Women's Business Assoc., Cork & Barrel, Campus Visit Coordinator


Norihito Nakamura

Undergrad Institution: University of Tokyo
Concentration: Strategy & Operations
Owen Clubs: Japan Business Club, Global Business Association, Texas Club, Greater China Business Club

Fun Fact: I attended two exchange programs (in China and France) this summer!