Tuition and Beyond


The following figures are the projected 2015-16 cost of attendance.

Tuition – $49,950
Books and Supplies – $1,842
Rent/Utilities – $10,254
Meals – $4,122
Personal Expenses – $5,642 (Includes health insurance and VU activity fee)
Transportation – $1,994
Loan Origination Fee (Federal Direct Loans) – $1,216
Total – $75,020

If you do not waive the Vanderbilt Student Health Insurance, then the plan is expected to cost $2,539/year.

Beyond Tuition

Cost of Living

Nashville has a low cost of living and a great quality of life.

Cost of Living


All Owen students live off campus. There are several residential buildings within one mile of Owen and several more that are within walking distance. Our students typically publish an overview of housing options in March and post it to the Admitted Applicants website. You may also visit the Off-Campus Referral Service website provided by the Vanderbilt University Office of Housing and Residential Education.

Apartment Rental

Home Price Graphic

Optional Wireless Laptop
We have both a Mac and PC version that we recommend and support on site for $1,250. 

Health Insurance

Health insurance is required for all students. The university offers a health insurance plan for students and their families. You may view a copy of the Graduate/Professional & International Brochure on health insurance by visiting our Student Health Center website. Learn more.

Do you have these questions?

  • How much can I anticipate tuition will increase in my second year?
  • What are the health care costs and requirements for spouses and/or dependents?

These answers and more in our FAQs. Click here.