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The Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management welcomes candidates from the military and has a history of successful students with military backgrounds. Traditionally 10 percent or more of students in each class are veterans. In addition, Owen offers a number of benefits to U.S. military and former U.S. military personnel, including application fee waivers for all programs, the Yellow Ribbon Program and deferments.

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Make Vanderbilt's alumni network your own professional network. Many of Owen's military students graduate and take civilian life by storm. Read the stories below on military alumni who are shaping the world.

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Read McNamaraAs a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Read McNamara, Managing Director of Owen's Career Management Center, has a keen appreciation of the value of veterans in the MBA marketplace. "Our Owen veterans enjoy tremendous success in their job searches, and year in and year out, register some of the most attractive offers from a variety of premier employers. Knowledgeable MBA recruiters recognize the proven leadership skills of veterans, and actively seek them out. The combination of military experience and the Vanderbilt MBA from Owen is a big advantage in the hunt for good jobs." Read is also Faculty Advisor to the Armed Forces Club at Owen. Learn more about Read here.