CityOwen AmbassadorsCityHosts/CityAmbassadors Roles and Responsibilities:

Roles and Responsibilities of a CityHost

  • Keep contact information current in VUConnect.

  • Stay current with Owen news through vehicles such as Vanderbilt Business, E-publications like InsideOwen and visiting the Owen website.

  • Work collaboratively as a team and with Alumni Relations office to coordinate, social and professional programs and activities that further the interests of the region. If possible, explore partnerships with the Vanderbilt-chapter in that location to enhance programmatic offerings.

  • Consider hosting or underwriting in some capacity one CityOwen program, social or gathering annually.

  • Serve as the primary point of contact between Owen and your region. Promoting important news from the school, local activities and programs through personal outreach, social media and email to the Owen community in that region.Annual Owen Circle Dinner

  • Attend as many regional activities as possible.

  • Provide timely content to Alumni Relations on activities and attendance in order to expand awareness of local programming, and provide the broader community with news about your city.

  • Recruit new leaders and assist in their development.

Roles and Responsibilities of a CityAmbassador

  • A year-long volunteer committment, CityAmbassadors will partner with CityHosts in region, to help support local activities and community connection opportunities.

  • In the case for those serving in a region without CityHosts, the CityAmbassadors will plan and execute semi-annual gatherings for the region. In these instances, they will also and work with Alumni Office to publicize local activities, share news, pictures and any additional updates.

  • CityAmbassadors will also serve a key voice to recent graduates (those 5-10 years out) in the area to help encourage peer networking and community building for the newest Alumni.

Responsibilities of the Alumni Office

  • Help identify and develop volunteers, as well as providing contact information to CityHosts for local alumni, students and friends.

  • Design, print, and mail CityOwen Program communications (includes but not limited to a mailed invitation and two emailed invitations).

  • Offer logistical and resource support for key CityOwen programs (does not include socials or casual get-togethers).Alumni Weekend Class Party

  • Provide support for arrangements with any faculty and administrators involved in CityOwen programs.

  • Provide education and resources for regional volunteers.

  • Serve as the lead for community-wide correspondence and communication including, but not limited to the following: promotion of regional activities on the Alumni website, social media, E-publications and Vanderbilt Business magazine among others.