Jul 10, 2009

 The magazine’s “Getting In” blog reports on how business schools are protecting their graduate employment rankings by seeking out applicants who already have hire-worthy skills. For JOHN ROEDER, admissions director at Vanderbilt University's Owen Graduate School of Management (Vanderbilt Full-Time MBA Profile), letting in the candidates who are most likely to find jobs is "really a matter of customer satisfaction." "The worst thing that we could do," Roeder said in an interview in May, "would be to bring in a student who we know full well we're not going to be able to get into their dream job." To keep that from happening, he said, the school added its director of career services to the admissions team about a year and a half ago (the admissions department has been working with the career services center for about four years). Career services' input, he says, helps him identify the qualities that corporate recruiters are looking for, creating a more competitive class two years down the road. [Read More]