2014 MBA Hiring Outlook Buoyed by Tech Jobs

With employer demand for management talent meeting or exceeding pre-2008 levels, many MBA graduates are turning to tech companies, while interest shifts slightly from financial services.

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Vanderbilt University
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May 1, 2014

The spring 2014 hiring outlook for MBA talent appears robust, with particularly strong demand in areas such as technology and consulting, according to Read McNamara, Managing Director of the Career Management Center at Vanderbilt University's Owen Graduate School of Management.

In a new video interview, McNamara discusses trends in MBA hiring and salaries this year. He also offers commentary about which industry sectors have the strongest demand for management talent and discusses the qualities employers are looking for most in this year's applicants. Here are a few highlights:

Read McNamara

New Trends

  • Continued improvement in the job market: Hiring has recovered for top-tier MBA programs back to pre-2008 levels, and is probably even stronger today.
  • Less interest seen among MBA graduates in financial services, while interest in tech jobs among applicants and employers is "increasing dramatically."
  • Employers continue to accelerate the recruiting process as a way to secure top MBA talent, moving recruiting events earlier in the year.

Top Sectors for 2014 Hiring

  • Despite a slight, sustained shift away from financial services jobs, overall the sector remains very robust, both in terms of employer demand and interest among MBA graduates.
  • There is increasing demand among tech companies for MBA talent in fields like marketing, project management, and product design. However, tech firms appear to be expressing little interest in filling HR and/or corporate finance jobs.
  • Consulting remains strong, both in terms of interest among MBA grads and in employer demand. In addition to traditional strategy and operations roles, there has been growth among niche consulting companies offering expertise in areas like health care and IT.


  • Salaries continue to outstrip inflation, particularly as placements increase on the West Coast for Vanderbilt MBA grads.
  • Bonuses have remained flat.
  • Generally, employers are recognizing the need for top management talent and are rewarding MBA grads in a very favorable way.

McNamara is available for media interviews to discuss these topics and other subjects related to MBA hiring. Click here for the full video.

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