Princeton Review Rankings Released: Owen Ranked #2 Best Administered B-School and #2 Most Competitive Students 

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Oct 6, 2009

Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management is an outstanding business school, according to The Princeton Review. The education services company features the school in the new 2010 edition of its book, "The Best 301 Business Schools" (Random House / Princeton Review).

The Princeton Review does not rank the business schools in the book on a single hierarchical list from 1 to 301, or name one business school best overall. Instead, the book has 11 ranking lists of the top 10 business schools in various categories. Ten lists are based on The Princeton Review's surveys of 19,000 students attending the 301 business schools profiled in the book. Owen is one of 66 schools in the book (22% of the 301) that appear on one or more of the book's ranking lists. Owen was ranked #2 Best Administered, based on student assessment of how smoothly the school is run, and the ease with which students can get into required/popular courses. Owen also ranked #2 Most Competitive Students, based on student assessment of how competitive classmates are, how heavy the workload is, and perceived academic pressure.

The top five Best Administered business schools:

#1 Harvard

#2 Vanderbilt

#3 Michigan

#4 Kellogg

#5 Elon

The top five business schools with the Most Competitive Students:

#1 Wharton

#2 Vanderbilt

#3 Brigham Young

#4 Acton

#5 Texas A&M

"The Best 301 Business Schools: 2010 Edition" has two-page profiles of the schools with write-ups on their academics, student life and admissions, plus ratings for their academics, selectivity and career placement services. They quote from students attending Owen, who say, “The beauty of going to a smaller school like Owen is that our professors know the students well, and we know our professors well. I believe this gives us a competitive advantage because we can graduate not only with fellow student contacts, but also faculty contacts.”

In a "Survey Says . . . " sidebar in the profile, The Princeton Review lists topics that Owen students it surveyed were in most agreement about. The list includes:

  1. Students love Nashville

  2. Good Peer Network

  3. Solid preparation in team and communication/interpersonal skills

The Princeton Review's 80-question survey for the book asked students about themselves, their career plans, and their schools’ academics, student body and campus life.

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Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management is ranked as a top institution by BusinessWeek, U.S. News & World Report, Financial Times and Forbes. For more information about Owen, visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.