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Letter from the Director

Many new international MBA programs have appeared in recent years. But as new globalization initiatives get introduced—and existing ones get refined—it’s not enough simply to provide an overview of international business in the typical classroom. 

That’s why Vanderbilt took an innovative approach when developing our new Americas MBA for Executives program, which launched in February. Partnering with schools in Brazil, Canada and Mexico, we wanted to give cross-border, multilingual teams opportunities to work collaboratively and in-depth across the four largest economies of the Americas. 

By concentrating on the Americas, we hope to give participants a far more thorough understanding of an increasingly important market than they would otherwise receive in a generalized “global” program. That objective reflects the needs of companies we serve, such as Nissan North America, Bridgestone Americas and Louisiana Pacific Corporation, as they focus on the Americas market. 

Vast complexities remain when doing business in an area like the Americas. And that deeper level of detail—on top of differences such as language, culture and currency—will help participants who are managing cross-equator teams and business lines. 

Partnering with FIA Business School in São Paulo, Brazil; Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business in Vancouver, Canada; and ITAM in Mexico City, Mexico, we have worked to achieve a unique cross-border, North-South management education experience. If you or one of your employees is planning a career that knows no boundaries, we have assembled the experts to make that possible. 

Meet the Director: Juli BennettJuli

Juli Bennett
Executive Director,
Vanderbilt Executive Programs