Property Law for Business Students


Course Description:
This course provides insights into some of the main issues or problems in American property law that can have the largest impact on real estate development and leasing. Some foundational concepts and vocabulary are reviewed, and then the course focuses on potential legal pitfalls in the formation and interpretation of real estate contracts, achieving compliance with zoning and environmental remediation requirements, the role of easements and covenants (especially in the contexts of condominiums and homeowners associations), and potential risks from and responses to condemnation of property by the government and changes in regulations that reduce market value, such as down-zoning or building moratoria. One goal of the course is to provide students with the resources to be intelligent consumers of legal advice, and in particular to know when potentially difficult legal issues are implicated and an expert legal analysis is required. Prerequisite: MGT 331. [1]

1 Credit(s)

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