Labor and Employee Relations


Course Description:
This course has two parts. The first half covers the basics of labor relations, including organizing, collective bargaining, and the grievance process. It also covers the decline of unions and some of the issues that have developed as a result of that decline. The second half covers the broader area of "employee relations" including arbitration, mediation, employee layoffs, performance appraisal, managing diversity, implied contracts, and statutory rights. The course uses cases, but also is highly experiential, including simulations for grievance handling, arbitration, and performance appraisal. Labor and Employee Relations (LER) is useful for HR students, but also for operations students (since many factories deal with the issues we cover in this class) and those who expect to be managing large groups of employees (including those who may become corporate managers, or expect to manage their own companies). For all students who are enrolled in the Human Capital Career Specialization, LER is a required course. Prerequisite: MGT 342. [2]

2 Credit(s)

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