Survey Design and Analysis


Course Description:
This course is designed to provide an overview of survey research and its use in making effective marketing decisions. Because MBA students are not typically training for careers in market research, the course emphasizes the analysis and interpretation of market research data for marketing decision making, and the design of research studies so that the results are both meaningful and valid. The course focuses on descriptive research, primarily survey research, as well as touching briefly on causal research (e.g., experimentation and test marketing). The best way to learn the material in this course (even for a marketing manager who may not actually engage in data analysis in the future) is through a "hands on" experience. Towards this end, students will design and implement a questionnaire, collect data, and analyze the data using statistical software. The course will apply many of the statistical techniques learned thus far in the Owen MBA program, such as t-tests, ANOVA, regression, and correlation. Additionally, we will discuss data reduction (e.g., factor analysis), scale reliability (e.g., Cronbach alpha) and more advanced marketing data analysis techniques, such as conjoint analysis, perceptual mapping, and cluster analysis. The emphasis in this course will be on the interpretation and proper use of marketing research techniques, with the goal of training knowledgeable marketing managers who can evaluate the quality of marketing research conducted by others and use the information effectively in making strategic marketing decisions. [2]

2 Credit(s)

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