Sales Promotion and Personal Selling


Course Description:
This course equips students with the tools necessary to craft an effective integrated strategy for the promotion of goods and services. Students will learn about the variety of consumer- and trade-oriented sales promotions available to marketers and how to design such promotions for maximum sales as well as branding impact. The course will also consider how business success can be facilitated by a strong sales effort. To this end, the course will cover the role of selling in the broader marketing plan, as well as principles of successful selling. Sales promotion and selling are the two main foci of the course, but other integrated marketing communications tools will be covered including public relations, direct marketing, sponsorships, and merchandizing. Although the principles of effective advertising are exclusively covered in MGT 460, this course will cover optimal strategies for the integration of sales promotion and advertising, with particular focus on the life cycle of the brand. The course serves as a complement to MGT 460-neither course serves as prerequisite for the other. Prerequisite: MGT 361. [2]

2 Credit(s)

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