Corporate Restructuring


Course Description:
This course is designed to provide students with a general understanding of a variety of financial restructuring and reorganization techniques. Each topic that we discuss describes a transaction that restructures or reorganizes the firm in some particular way. The specific objectives of the course include (1) to help build a framework for analyzing various corporate restructuring transactions primarily through techniques of financial analysis, (2) to provide a broad overview of corporate restructuring approaches which can then be critically applied to solve business problems, and (3) to establish an economic perspective from which to assess the corporate and social consequences of alternative corporate restructuring and reorganization techniques. While corporate restructuring and reorganizations have become common, mainstream transactions, the course material is also designed to help students solidify their understanding of how modern corporations should be managed under conditions of financial distress. In order to fully understand financial and economic aspects of the bankruptcy process, we will also examine the legal framework created by the Bankruptcy Code. This link is important because the Code exerts an important influence on the behavior of corporate managers in financially distressed corporations. MGT 432A, Corporate Valuation should be taken before enrolling in this class. [1]

1 Credit(s)

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