Executive Coaching


Course Description:
Coaching is the application of a set of concepts, skills, and activities to develop employee knowledge, skill, or ability and to move employees from current performance to a higher level. The use of coaching to develop employees has grown dramatically in recent years. As McKinsey & Company's "War for Talent" survey reveals, executives believe that coaching is important for their development and is far more beneficial than traditional training. However, most executives believe their companies do not do a good job of providing coaching, and most employees report wanting more coaching and better quality coaching than they are currently getting. This course focuses on the concepts, skills, and activities that constitute effective coaching and how to use coaching both to work on areas that need improvement and to build on employee strengths. In particular, we will explore the following topics: theories of coaching, types of coaching, characteristics of helping relationships, listening, questioning, assessment, feedback giving, goal setting, action planning, and ongoing support. [1]

1 Credit(s)

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