Spreadsheets for Business Analytics


Course Description:
Uses Microsoft Excel 2010 (with a comparison to 2011 for Mac users) to demonstrate the power of fast analytics for business intelligence. Advanced features of Excel are covered - pivot tables, data tables, subtotals, form controls, auto and advanced filters, charts, numerous advanced worksheet functions (including array functions), and efficient downloading of data from the internet. Knowledge of these capabilities contributes to a culture of data-driven decision making within companies. Illustrations from actual company projects demonstrate the power and versatility of course concepts. Applications include optimization modeling (linear, 0-1, and nonlinear programming) and simulation of financial and operations problems. Financial applications include portfolio optimization, short-term cash flow planning, capital budgeting, and arbitrage models. Operations applications include supply chain optimization, aggregate production planning, facility location, and personnel scheduling. Prerequisite: A knowledge of Excel¿s SUM, MIN, MAX, and AVERAGE functions, copying and pasting formulas with relative and absolute cell references (such as $A$1), and formatting the number of decimal places in data cells. A test is available from the instructor to determine whether students will be able to keep up with the class. A tutorial and assistance from the instructor are available for those wanting to improve their pre-requisite skills. [2]

2 Credit(s)

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