Strengthening skills to sell into the health care space

With health care revenue growth projected to outpace overall technology sales, Cisco wished to expand its presence and enhance its reputation in this complex health care “vertical.” The Executive Education called upon the Vanderbilt faculty who teach in the highly regarded Health Care MBA program to develop a Custom Solution for Cisco’s health care sales force. The goal: to dramatically boost each member’s understanding of key drivers and influences within this dynamic and evolving industry.

Vanderbilt’s Custom Solution for Cisco 

Vanderbilt faculty, in collaboration with the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, designed and delivered an Advanced Health Care Sales Series to help Cisco’s salespeople learn how to apply their extensive product knowledge and sales skills within the highly specialized health care industry. The two-day course consisted of innovative, interactive and results-oriented sessions focused on understanding the evolving health care system, fostering a deeper understanding of the clinical application of their technology solutions and building stronger consultative relationships with health care customers. The curriculum featured small group exercises and role-playing activities as well as in-depth tours of the highly ranked Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Participants leave the program attuned to the needs of health care technology decision makers and are able to link Cisco’s solutions to the particular needs of this group.

Cisco continues to earn credibility and business in the vast and growing health care arena. Vanderbilt and Cisco continue to refine and repeat this program on a regular basis. Most recently, Vanderbilt has adapted the classroom-based program for e-learning and virtual delivery using Cisco’s HD Immersive video conferencing technology—Telepresence.

Participant Feedback

Highly relevant, even critical, if you call on health care accounts.

Being new to health care, this certainly provided guidance as to providers’ expectations, challenges they face. Also the perspective from CMO/CNO/CIO, etc. was well worth the investment in time.

I would tell (and will tell) my colleagues that this course will help them open their minds to more issues than IT. Make them more well rounded in their view of approaching a health care company or provider.

Excellent background on how to understand and sell to HC environment.

I have a better understanding of why my technology partners built their products the way they did.

Well-designed program. Up-to-date content; world-class faculty; world-class facilities. An excellent opportunity to meet practitioners in their environment—to see what they see.

Sponsor Feedback

As a sales organization, the time and commitment of our account teams and business development executives are, indeed, very valuable. To decide to take the employees out of the field for any length of time to focus on a nonrevenue-generating activity is always a difficult decision. Having witnessed the educational programs that Owen has designed for my sales teams (and have gone through myself), I am extremely confident that our time spent in these programs will always provide our organization with an incredible return on our investment.

The faculty and staff at Owen have always done a tremendous job listening to our needs, working with us to develop program content that addresses those specific opportunities and, ultimately, delivering a first-class program to our executives.

We are excited about implementing the various components of these programs and appreciate the incredible accessibility that is demonstrated to our executives—before, during and long after our sessions have concluded. Cisco is stronger today because of these world-class educational and development experiences.

Frank Grant, Former Director-Health Care Market Development, Cisco Systems