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A Shot in the Arm

Executive MBA C-Team gives a boost to Aegis Sciences Corp.
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Cross-Functional C-Teams

Experience the view from the corner office.

 C-TEAM #1A distinctive feature of the Vanderbilt Executive MBA is the "C-Team," a cross-functional group that learns, studies and workstogether over the two-year program. Designed to emulate an organizational executive team of C-level officers such as the CEO, COO, CFO, CTO and CMO, the four to five members on each team are carefully matched to pull together diversity of functional expertise and industry experience. And just like that of an organization's senior management team, this diversity creates a stimulating environment and one that allows and encourages students to leverage the insights, knowledge, skills and perspectives of others.

  • C-Teams are assigned during the Week-in-Residence, the intensive immersion week that jump-starts the two-year Vanderbilt Executive MBA program. The Executive MBA administrative team carefully constructs the C-Teams using information gathered on applications and during personal admissions interviews.
  • During the course of the program, C-Teams are challenged with group assignments and deliverables, the most significant one being the Business Strategy Project in the second year of the program.
  • To facilitate discussions and teamwork between on-campus classes, C-Teams have the benefit of online support systems to easily communicate and share ideas and documents.
  • C-Teams meet once a semester with a "Group Doctor" who provides expert advice and coaching to help team members give and receive feedback, work through issues and optimize their productivity and quality of work.

 C-TEAM #2 In addition to forming lifelong bonds with fellow group members, these teams offer an invaluable dimension to the learning experience. Current students and alumni will tell you that the "C-Team dynamic" encourages them to think more broadly across the many considerations of an executive officer and, in doing so, makes the "sum of the parts" far greater than that which can be attained by studying and working alone.
The thoughtful development of the individual teams during week in residence was such a key event—interestingly, I am just beginning to understand the full benefit of the complementary skills and personalities that I have the good fortune of working with.James Suh, Executive MBA 2010, Director, NASBA, Nashville, Tennessee
C-TEAM #3 Prior to Owen, I had never really enjoyed working in groups. At Owen, I found how important it is to have to rely on other members in the group, discovering and utilizing everyone's strengths. By working with a cross-section of very different, highly talented individuals, I have a much better understanding of my professional ability and shortcomings, which has helped me address the areas that I've neglected and exploit the areas where I excel.—Theo Scripps, Executive MBA 2010, VP Project Management, Prestress Services Industries LLC, Lexington, Kentucky
What impresses me most about Owen are my classmates. Not one of my classmates is here simply to get a degree. Everyone is truly interested in learning and engaged in each class. The standards are far too high for someone to simply put in the minimal effort to get the degree. Everyone is extremely focused and truly wants to learn.—Myr Wilson, Executive MBA 2010, Solution Architect, Dell, Inc., Nashville, Tennessee