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A Shot in the Arm

Executive MBA C-Team gives a boost to Aegis Sciences Corp.
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Cross-Functional C-Teams

Become part of a C-Team and get the view from the top.

Since most successful executives tackle problems in teams, we’ve always believed business students should too. That’s why here, like nowhere else, you’ll complete much of your work as part of a cross-functional “C-Team” of peers.

 C-TEAM #1

We carefully design these teams to emulate a “C-suite” of executives, including a complementary balance of backgrounds and expertise, so you’ll have people on your team representing the various roles you’d find in a typical organization.

As a result, you’ll widen the lens through which you see problems (just as top executives must do). And chances are, as our graduates often say, you’ll learn as much from your C-Team as from your professor in the class.

Who comprises a Vanderbilt C-Team?

 C-TEAM #2 Each C-Team is made up of 4-5 individuals who bring a diverse set of skills and experience to share. The diversity comes not only in job function and industry, but in age, gender, or ethnicity as well. It’s those unique differences in backgrounds and life experiences that create the ideal opportunity to maximize the learning experience. Intended to simulate a real-world corporate C-Suite team, the Executive MBA C-Team becomes a supported “learning lab” in which members can draw on the expertise of the team while stretching to reach their own leadership potential. It’s the reason our alums often say they learn as much from their peers as their world-class faculty. Learn More.

How we support a team:


Your C-Team is never completely on its own. During the two years in the program, your team will receive support from our faculty and program staff. Support includes coaching on team dynamics and the progress of your work together, checkpoints to ensure you're on track and guidance for projects that serve as a real-world learning laboratory. What help do you need? Just ask.

Kristen Hentrel Kristen Hentrel
Vanderbilt Executive MBA 2013
Consultant, C3 Consulting

Being in my C-Team has had a profound impact on my Executive MBA experience. I have gained a tremendous amount of insight regarding my strengths and weaknesses as well as my leadership style. Working in my team and with our executive group coach has taught me how to deliver a great work product when working with a group of people who don’t know you well enough to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Chris Atkins Chris Atkins
Vanderbilt Executive MBA 2014
Operations Manager, Amazon

I literally could not have picked a better C-Team to work with. Part of the reason I was interested in an Executive MBA was the opportunity to learn from my classmates who have experience in different industries and fields. My team comes from finance, operations, legal, and military backgrounds. We collaborate very well together and we are all driven to be the best team in the program. We’re probably the most competitive group in our class, which drives us to deliver the best products for each class. Ultimately, my C-Team has made me a better student and a better business leader.