The International Residency

international pictureDuring the spring of the second year of the program, each Executive MBA class participates in a group immersion experience outside the United States. This week-long International Residency is an integral and final part of the three-part Global Enterprise sequence and ensures that classroom discussions and theory are brought to life in an effective and compelling manner.

international picture #2Typically, the International Residency consists of visits to ten corporations in one or two host countries; these may be satellite offices of companies that are headquartered in the U.S., or local, regional or international companies that are based in these countries. Regardless of city or country, the purpose of these extended, in-depth corporate visits is to understand and discuss the differences and complexities inherent in doing business in the global marketplace, including such things as staffing; financial, legal and international woman workingpolitical structures; economics and social customs.

The International Residency location is determined by the Executive Programs team at the beginning of Year 2. In selecting the country each year we look for two critical things: relevance to the students in the class and the work challenges they face and the availability and access to Vanderbilt alumni and corporate executives. We also take into consideration current political and economic events that might  International Hard hatshelp or hinder our visit. Prior Executive MBA classes have traveled to Europe (Budapest, Vienna, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam), Latin America (Santiago and Sao Paulo) and Asia (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Seoul).


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Michael GarofaloMichael Garofalo
Executive MBA 2009

Senior VP, Finance
Architectural Graphics

I pursued the Vanderbilt Executive MBA for skills that would equip me to lead a global enterprise. I now have the ability to review a company’s financial statements and have a good feel for its financial health and estimated value. I can look at a company in its entirety, from marketing and pricing philosophy to its strategic and human resource alignment, and assess whether it’s heading in the right direction. 

Executive MBA 1997

CMO, Business Solutions

My participation at Vanderbilt resulted in an enhanced global perspective and capabilities that ultimately led to a position as Chief Marketing Officer of a major wireless operator in South America and subsequent management positions within the company. Vanderbilt provided me with a strong background in marketing and strategy, as well as the opportunity to develop a significant network of colleagues.