New Harmony SignVanderbilt students begin their Executive MBA experience with a rigorous one-week residency in New Harmony, Indiana. Intentionally remote from the everyday demands of personal and professional life, this historic community provides the perfect backdrop for full immersion in the program from the outset. Founded in 1825 as a base for a Utopian society, social reformers, scientists, philosophers, artists, educators and geologists arrived on the "Boatload of Knowledge" to this wilderness town along the Wabash River; they believed that education for all was the key to a better way of life. New Harmony serves that role today for our Vanderbilt Executive MBA program—it is a key to a better way of life that benefits our students, their families and their organizations.

NEW CLASSMATES The Week-in-Residence eases the transition to the alternating Saturday class format of the program. It provides students with time to get to know one other and the faculty; to become acquainted with the objectives and mechanics of the program; to regain and refresh valuable perspectives on being a student; and to begin their C-Team routines such as setting expectations for performance, strategies for studying and when and how often they will meet and communicate with one another.

The Week-in-Residence accounts for a substantial portion of the first semester's curriculum. During this week, C-Teams take shape and begin working on the challenges of group assignments; additionally, key classes—Executive Leadership, Managerial Accounting, Statistics and Managerial Economics—are launched.

The mistake that was madeLeadership

With sophisticated diagnostic tools available to evaluate executive aptitudes, students will assess and understand their personal styles and how best to integrate them into a team dynamic.

Managerial Accounting and Statistics

Students will take part in the initial classes of Managerial Accounting and Statistics and quickly become absorbed in the quantitative skills and tools that become the foundation of the two-year Executive MBA curriculum.

An introduction to economic incentives

heads down studyingIn an Apply-it-now Experience, each C-Team will identify and examine a "perverse incentive"—an incentive program with good intentions but undesirable behavioral outcomes that is currently in effect within one of the C-Team's organizations. The team's initial assignment will focus on restructuring the incentive to work as intended.

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Executive MBA 2009

VP, Product Development

I couldn’t quite figure out why we had to go to the middle of nowhere for the first week of class until I experienced it. Now I can’t imagine a more effective way for us to kick off the program. In addition, I was blown away by the quality of the professors. We already knew they had impeccable credentials but that doesn’t always correlate to being an engaging instructor. All of them were tremendous. 

Executive MBA 2007

Senior Business Analyst
Caterpillar Financial Services

The experience at New Harmony was a tremendous way to jump-start the Executive MBA program and prepare me for the next two years. By removing the distractions of technology, it provided the opportunity to focus not only on the new material we were introduced to but also on building relationships with my classmates that have lasted and will continue well into the future. The Week-in-Residence also eased me into returning to a school setting again, including taking notes at lectures, working in a group and preparing for class the next day.

Executive MBA 2010

Quality Assurance Manager

I believe that the New Harmony experience is a key part of what makes Owen unique. The chance to spend a week with your classmates out of the mainstream of life gives you an opportunity to not only get back into the mode of being a student again, but to develop those bonds with your classmates that will help you succeed in the EMBA program. New Harmony is where your unique class identity takes shape and where your class legends are born.