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RAVI CHARI Ravi S. Chari, M.D.
Executive MBA 2008

Vice President, Clinical
Services Group, HCA

The Executive MBA experience has been transformational for me. It has changed the way I see the world and also the way in which the world sees me. The Vanderbilt Executive MBA was additional training I needed to deal with the complex and ever-changing health care environment. More than simply “discovering this place,” Vanderbilt has helped me discover myself.

The Vanderbilt Executive Edge

If you are serious about your career climb, you’ll need that "executive edge"…only from Vanderbilt.

Only Vanderbilt offers an Executive MBA that is designed with the view from the top. While all programs offer the basic management fundamentals, Vanderbilt adds essential layers to help you achieve your full potential as an executive: Leadership Development, Strategic Skills and Vision, and Advanced Financial Frameworks.

2011 Vanderbilt Executive Edge Pyramid

Leadership Development
The leap from manager to leader requires depth in self-awareness, organizational awareness, strategic alignment to corporate strategy and skills in negotiation and influencing teams. The Vanderbilt Executive MBA offers four distinct courses, C-Teams and Leadership Development workshops with sophisticated personal assessment tools to help you identify and implement a personal leadership growth plan.

Strategic Skills and Vision
Building upon sophisticated financial frameworks, the Vanderbilt Executive MBA includes a semester of theory and case studies in strategy, a year-long client strategy project and a venture creation course. Theory and practice come together as you present a new business plan to venture capitalists and a strategic plan to a client company, integrating all you’ve learned and experienced.

Advanced Financial Frameworks
The Vanderbilt Executive MBA program builds on the quantititave MBA foundation with a thorough overlay of advanced financial frameworks including valuation, corporate financial policy, globalization and foreign exchange exposures—all of which are critical for truly understanding strategic choices and risk.

Management Fundamentals
The Vanderbilt MBA core curriculum—the same used in the Vanderbilt MBA program and common to many schools—lays the foundation in quantitative and soft skills including statistics, economics, finance, accounting, operations, marketing and organization management.

Myr Wilson_75x75 Myr Wilson
Executive MBA 2010

Solution Architect
Dell, Inc.

I have reached a point in my career where typical internal leadership classes were not providing me enough opportunities to continue pushing myself. With an Executive MBA, I am now able to look at my own company and daily activities with a new perspective and identify where I can help take the company.