Leadership Development

Access leadership tools used by Fortune 100 CEOs.

Leading teams and organizations comes naturally to some people, but for most, leadership is an acquired attribute. The Vanderbilt Executive MBA offers expert insight and instruction on the subject of leadership as well as best-of-class diagnostic tools to help you assess your personal style, strengths and challenges.

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is designed to allow you the opportunity to leverage your two years at Owen to develop your leadership, or non-technical, skills alongside the technical skills gained, while in the Executive MBA or Americas MBA Programs. LDP has a clear roadmap which builds and incorporates the experiences and learning you receive over the two years. Whether you have come to the program wanting to transition to a different job or function in your desired career path, move up within your current organization, become a subject matter expert in your field or explore entrepreneurial opportunities, the underlying goal is the same for all students…to continue to learn, grow and develop your individual capacity as a leader. Here’s a snapshot detailing each of the ways we help you get there:

EMBA Leadership Development Graphic

As with anything, you will get out of LDP what you put into it; the real learning comes when you take what you learn, as well as experience, and apply it in practice. We have built in some milestones (minimum requirements) to enable you to grow and develop your individual capacity as a leader, but the ultimate accountability is yours!