Leadership Development

Access leadership tools used by Fortune 100 CEOs.

Leading teams and organizations comes naturally to some people, but for most, leadership is an acquired attribute. The Vanderbilt Executive MBA offers expert insight and instruction on the subject of leadership as well as best-of-class diagnostic tools to help you assess your personal style, strengths and challenges.

Our Leadership Development Program (LDP) is designed to help you get a Vanderbilt Executive Edge—that is, an improved ability to create the new and different and implement successfully with and through people. At its core, it’s improving your ability to influence. Influencing others requires self-awareness, contextual intelligence and learning agility, which is the ability to take new learning and experiences and apply them to future situations.

It requires self-management and putting into practice different behaviors that improve your effectiveness. LDP offers several components to support you in gaining your Vanderbilt Executive Edge.

  • Your leadership journey starts at the very beginning of the program at the Week-in-Residence. Professor Dick Daft, noted author and consultant on organizational design and leadership, conducts an intensive two-day session that will help you understand characteristics of effective leaders and strategies that you can use to manage and motivate. He will review with you the results of your Hermann Brain Dominance Indicator (HBDI) profile. Additionally, a 360-Degree Feedback tool is part of this early work.
  • Once per semester, each C-Team meets with Professor Daft—dubbed the “Group Doctor”—who works with each group to optimize dynamics and productivity across the group, with each member giving and receiving candid feedback. Additional Group Doctor sessions are available if and when your C-Team encounters unexpected issues along the way.
  • During the course of the two-year program, you will have access to executive coaching and several best-of-class diagnostic tools used by executives in both small and large companies. The HBDI profile and the 360-Degree Feedback tools used during Week-in-Residence are just some of the tools available as part of the program; Strengths Finder and Korn Ferry Success Factors are others.
  • Upon request, you may also receive personal support and coaching from the Associate Dean of Executive Programs and, if appropriate for those students with sponsoring organizations, the Associate Director of Executive and Alumni Career Management.                                                                                    Leadership Development Chart