Fall Semester, 2016

July 8 - 29
U.S. Business Communication and Culture Program
Aug. 1-2
MBA Foundations for Quantitative Analysis
Aug. 4-11
Owen Connect Week (Orientation - all incoming students)
Aug. 15 First Day of Classes
Sept. 29
Last Day of Classes
Oct. 3-7
Mod I Exam Period
Oct. 10-14 Short/Immersion Courses
Oct. 17
First Day of Classes
Nov. 18-27
Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 8
Last Day of Classes (Health Care students, classes end Friday)
Dec. 12-16 Mod II Exam Period
Dec. 17 - Jan. 8
Winter Break

Spring Semester, 2017

Jan. 9
First Day of Classes
Jan. 16
Martin Luther King Holiday - No Classes**
Feb. 23
Last Day of Classes (Health Care students, check with instructors)
Feb. 27 - Mar. 2
Mod III Exam Period
Mar. 4 - Mar 12
Spring Break
March 13
First Day of Classes
April 27 Last Day of Classes
May 1-5
Mod IV Exam Period
May 12

*Classes meet on Labor Day, Monday September 5th.

**With the cancellation of January 16th classes, all Monday/Wednesday classes at Owen will instead meet on Wednesday/Friday just for this week. So, M/W classes for the second week of Mod III will take place on January 18th (Wednesday) and January 20nd (Friday).

Information and dates subject to change