Concentrations, Specializations, Emphases

The Vanderbilt MBA offers multiple market-driven Concentrations, Specializations and Emphases to prepare you to succeed in your chosen field. You’ll choose at least one Concentration or Specialization as the focus of your study, and may further customize your program with one or more additional disciplines of study.

If you don’t have your path mapped out, our Academic Programs and Student Life directors are ready to help you put together a curriculum plan to meet your career goals.


A Concentration represents a minimum of 12 credit hours beyond the Core in a single discipline that is usually the foundation for your chosen career. We offer several career-focused Concentrations, including:


Specializations are focused course tracks for students desiring an in-depth study of the functional area for their chosen career. Specializations require 20 credit hours of course work beyond the Core. The 20-credit-hour requirement represents the 12 credit hours earned in the related concentration plus an additional eight hours. The following specializations are offered:

Career Specializations

Industry Specialization


An Emphasis allows you to delve deeper into a particular industry or area of interest with eight hours of courses. The following emphases are offered:

Students may also customize an emphasis in an area of interest; for example, sustainability.