Other International Opportunities

Turner Family Center for Social Ventures

The Turner Family Center for Social Ventures is a student-led organization committed to alleviating poverty through market-driven forces and enterprise. We provide resources and opportunities to leverage and combine the individual strengths of Vanderbilt University graduate students, faculty, and business partners.

Turner Family Center Website

Project Pyramid

In 2007, Owen students launched Project Pyramid, a Vanderbilt University-wide initiative housed at Owen. The mission of the project is to help alleviate global poverty, and includes a joint seven-week course between Owen and The Vanderbilt Divinity School (in collaboration with the Cal Turner Center for Moral Leadership) culminating in an international trip. Past trips have included India, Bangladesh and Guatemala. On the trip to India, students worked in teams to understand the impact of micro-finance, micro-equity and other ways that different agencies and institutions are empowering those at the Bottom of the Pyramid in India.

Project Pyramid Website