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136 Words to Live By
Our Anthem: 136 Words to Live By. This is Vanderbilt Business. We are creating a new kind of business leader.
MBA Video

Why the Vanderbilt MBA?

Students explain in their own words why they chose the Vanderbilt MBA program

Hult Prize

Prestigious Competition

Some of Owen’s exceptional students ranked #2 in the prestigious Hult Prize competition

Employers love Vanderbilt MBA grads
Our No. 4 ranking is a tribute both to the quality of the students we attract and to the staff at our Career Management Center – whose hard work and personal attention will help you land interviews, internships and high-salaried jobs with companies you want to work for.

Employers love Vanderbilt MBA grads!

While we’re proud of our Top 25 position in the latest U.S. News and World Report Graduate School rankings, we think another number might be even more important to your career: 4.

Vanderbilt ranks 4th in percentage of students employed at graduation. Ahead of Harvard. Ahead of Stanford. Ahead of Wharton, MIT, Kellogg, Tuck – to name a few. We’re in great company.

What’s the bottom-line benefit for you?

  1. A Vanderbilt MBA improves the chances of landing the job you’re looking for. (Average starting salary and bonus for our MBA grads last year was $113,179.)
  2. You can enjoy the best of both worlds: an MBA that can catapult your career – PLUS all the advantages of a small, close-knit community where the faculty know you by name and students form lifelong friendships.
  3. You will have an unparalleled leadership experience and personalized attention and support that will prepare you for continued growth throughout your career.
  4. Great companies will come looking for you here. Below is a list of some of the employers who recruited Vanderbilt MBAs in 2014.
    • Consulting – BCG, Deloitte, North Highland, Capgemini, Arryve, Cognizant 
    • Financial Services – Citi, Goldman Sachs, SunTrust, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Jefferies & Co.
    • Brand Management – Mattel, Fisher-Price, Heinz, 3M, Campbell’s Soup, Nestle
    • Health Care – McKesson, DaVita, Cardinal Health, Medtronic, Amgen, Johnson&Johnson, Humana, Cigna
    • Technology – HP, Cisco, Adobe, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft

But don’t just take our word for it, check out our video: Why the Vanderbilt MBA? that features students explaining in their own words why they chose this program.

Do you qualify for an application fee waiver? We’re looking for exceptional students who will thrive in the collegial and collaborative environment that Owen offers. And, we’re willing to waive the fee so that you can begin to experience firsthand the personalized experience that defines our school.