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CityOwen Events

CityOwen events provide an opportunity for alumni to reconnect with one another and the school through unique activities in their area.  In partnership with the Alumni office, CityOwen events are hosted and promoted by alumni in key metro areas.  These are pre-planned events that allow for networking opportunities, community connections, and key updates from the school leadership.  Please contact Jonathan M. Frost, Director of Alumni Relations for further details about CityOwen events.

Owen Alumni Board

The Alumni Board is a key partner to the school, helping to create, shape and meet the school’s imperative strategic and tangible needs. Through specific roles and responsibilities, the Board actively promotes connection within the alumni community and is committed to the school’s long-term success through direct support of its key priorities and initiatives.

Owen Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is a group of alumni volunteers, at least one representative per class, committed to helping foster meaningful class identity among their peers and connecting their classmates back to Owen. Alumni Council Representatives (ACRs) are enthusiastic supporters of Owen with a genuine interest in the future of the school. ACRs are leaders who encourage alumni participation and promote philanthropic support.
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upcoming events

Oct 10 to Oct 10, 2016

Closing Bell - Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina

Oct 13 to Oct 13, 2016

Closing Bell - Wall Street Week

New York, New York

Oct 21, 2016

Opening Bell - Derek Young

Nashville, Tennessee

Oct 21 to Oct 22, 2016

Owen Reunion 2016

Nashville, Tennessee

Jan 5 to Jan 5, 2017

Closing Bell - San Francisco

San Francisco, California