Guidelines and Policies

The following guidelines will help you have a more successful recruiting experience.

Employer Information

The Career Management Center (CMC) provides your complete contact information to students unless specifically requested otherwise. This information is only accessible to our students and job-seeking alumni through our online recruiting system.

Interview Eligibility

Only current, full-time, degree-seeking students are eligible to participate in interviewing and designated recruiting activities coordinated through the CMC. Eligible 2nd Year EMBA students and Owen alumni may participate in on-campus interviews upon company request.

On-campus interviews should not be conducted prior to the scheduled start date of full-time interviewing, which is typically in early September. Internship interviews may not be conducted on-campus prior to January expect in the case of HR internship interviews, which begin the first day of Mod II, and Investment Banking internship interviews, which will begin in mid-November. Please check the Recruiting Calendar.

Callbacks and Company Visits
The CMC requests that you keep everyone informed—both the CMC and the students—as you move through the hiring process. We can best serve you and the students when we are kept up to date concerning callbacks, offers and acceptances. You should plan to notify students of their status within two weeks of an interview at any stage in the process.

Because our program is quite rigorous, every effort should be made to accommodate candidates' class and interview schedules. The CMC encourages employers to have more than one callback date for students to choose from when being invited to visit a company.  Please note classes are typically not held on Friday with the exception of some Healthcare MBA courses and the Friday following the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Students invited to visit a company should be reimbursed promptly for all expenses.

Cancellation of Recruiting

The CMC requests that companies who cancel a recruiting schedule communicate that information directly to the students. We will assist in this process but believe that such communication is more appropriate coming from the company in order to maintain that firm’s credibility in the minds of students and alumni.

Withdrawing an Offer/Acceptance
If a firm must withdraw an offer for any reason, the recruiting contact should notify the CMC as soon as possible. The CMC considers withdrawing an offer to be a serious matter that significantly harms a firm’s credibility in the minds of students and alumni. Therefore, we hope to work proactively with employers to prevent a rescinded offer from occurring. Similarly, if a student withdraws acceptance of an offer, notify the CMC so that a thorough assessment of the situation can be made immediately. The Owen Graduate School of Management considers withdrawing an offer or acceptance by a student without cause to be unethical behavior.

Delaying Start Dates
The CMC does not condone the practice of delaying start dates once the employer and the student agree upon those dates. If a firm is considering such action for any reason, the recruiting contact should notify the CMC as soon as possible.

In compliance with federal law including the provisions of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Vanderbilt University does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, age, disability or military service in its administration of educational policies, programs or activities; its admissions policies; scholarship and loan programs; athletic or other University-administered programs; or employment. Inquiries or complaints should be directed to the Opportunity Development Center, Baker Building, Box 1809 Station B, Nashville, Tennessee 37235. Telephone: (615) 322-4705 (B/TDD); fax (615) 421-6871.

Guidelines for Job Offers

Making an offer to a student represents a significant—and valuable—commitment by the employer and the student as evidenced by Vanderbilt MBA and MS Finance students working for organizations around the world. To balance the needs of both students and employers, we have established the following guidelines for extending offers:

  • Exploding offers, defined as giving a candidate an unreasonably short period of time to accept an offer before it is revoked, are prohibited. In addition, if a student is taking an unreasonably long period of time to respond to an offer, please contact our office so we may address the issue with the student.

  • All students must receive an offer letter. The beginning of the offer period coincides with the date of the offer letter.

  • Second-year MBA students and MS Finance students should be given at least four weeks to consider a full-time post-graduation offer, but up to 60 days are recommended.

  • Former interns should not be inhibited from pursuing other opportunities and should be given until December 31 to consider all full-time offers.

  • For first-year students, internship offers should remain open for at least three weeks, but 30 days are recommended.

  • On New York Interview Day, no offers should be extended before 5:00 pm EST.

We recognize that some situations may require a faster response. In these instances, please inform the CMC staff of the situation as soon as possible. Any student issue regarding a job offer is handled individually between the CMC staff and the employer.