Recruiting Calendar

Most recruiting is held during two primary recruiting periods (September-December and January-April). We will gladly work with you to find a date suitable for your recruiting needs. Owen operates on a mod system (seven-week quarters), and on-campus interviewing is prohibited during the last week of each mod while students are taking final exams.

Fall Semester, 2016

July 8-29
U.S. Business Communications & Culture Program
Aug.4-11 Orientation for all new students - MBA, MMark, MAcc, MAcc Val and MSF
Aug. 8
CMC Bootcamp for all new MBA students
Aug. 11
Career Day for all new MBA students
Aug. 15
First Day of Classes, Mod I
2nd Year Internship Showcase
Aug. 29
Info Sessions Begin
Sept. 6
On-Campus Full-Time Interviews Begin
Sept. 30 - Oct. 1
National Society of Hispanic MBAs Career Expo, Houston, TX
Oct. 3-14
No On-Campus Recruiting, Mod 1 Exams and Short Course/Immersion Week
Oct. 6-8MBA Veterans Career Conference, Chicago, IL

Reaching Out LGBT MBA & Business Graduate Conference, Dallas, TX

Oct. 7
Consulting Trek, Atlanta, GA
Oct. 11-13
Wall Street Week, New York, NY
Oct. 13-15
National Black MBA Association Conference and Exposition, New Orleans, LA
Oct. 17
Mod II Class begin; On-Campus HR/HOP Internship Interviews Begin
Human Capital Case Competition, Nashville, TN
Nov. 3-5
Net Impact Conference, Philadelphia, PA
Nov. 3-4
Vanderbilt Health Care Conference, Nashville, TN
On-Campus Investment Banking Internship Interviews Begin
Nov. 18-27 No On-Campus Recruiting — Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 8
Last Day of Classes, Mod II
Dec. 9-16 No On-Campus Recruiting — Mod II Exams
Dec. 17—Jan. 8
No On-Campus Recruiting — Winter Break

Spring Semester, 2017

Jan. 3-6
Bay Area Tech Trek
Jan. 9
First Day of Classes, Mod III
Jan. 10
On-Campus Internship Interviews Begin
Jan. 16
No On-Campus Recruiting - Classes not in session in observance of MLK Holiday
Jan. 20
No Off-Campus Recruiting - Classes in Session
Jan. 27 & Feb. 3
No On-Campus Interviews for 1st Year MBAs - Reserved for off-campus call backs
Feb. 23
Last Day of Classes, Mod III
Feb. 27 - Mar.2
No On-Campus Recruiting — Mod III Exams
Mar. 3-12
No On-Campus Recruiting — Spring Break
March 13
First Day of Classes, Mod IV
Day in the Bay: West Coast Interview Forum, San Francisco, CA
TBDDay by the Lake: Midwest Interview Forum, Chicago, IL
April 27
Last Day of Classes - Mod IV
May 1-5
No On-Campus Recruiting — Mod IV Exams
May 12
Information and dates subject to change

Visual of recruiting black out dates