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Mark D. Cannon

Associate Professor, Dept of Human & Org. Development
Associate Professor Education Leadership

Subject Area(s): Organization Studies, Health Care


Professor Cannon's research explores potential barriers to adult learning and ways of overcoming these barriers. He examines critical interpersonal feedback and mechanisms for enhancing learning and reducing defensiveness associated with feedback delivery. He also studies the impact of feedback and coaching on learning and performance. Recently, he has examined how executive coaching can be used to facilitate leadership transitions.
He is also interested in the ability of groups and organizations to capture potential learning from failures. He has identified antecedent conditions associated with groups that develop a learning-oriented approach to failures. He is also interested in the ability of top management teams to accurately assess organizational strengths, weaknesses, and needs. He is examining methods of providing top management teams with feedback that enhance organizational learning and adaptability without activating organizational defenses.


PhD, Harvard University, 1998

Other Course(s):
Executive Coaching


Voice: 615-343-2775
Office #: Mayborn 210D Payne
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