The world's top business professors under 40

Feb 17, 2011

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Mark Van Doren once mused that "the art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." Poets and Quants' 40 top business school professors under the age of 40 all possess this particular artistic gift. They draw students into often esoteric subjects, inspire deeper thinking and engage discussion, assisting in the discovery of new and powerful ideas.

Poets and Quants searched near and far to uncover this remarkable group of men and women. Some of them have barely reached the age of 30, but they have made a name for themselves as rising stars in business academia. We asked B-school officials, students and alumni for favorites and then sorted through the nominations to come up with a list of the world's top 40 business profs under 40.

Tim Vogus, 36, a management professor at Vanderbilt's Owen School, has been known to bust a rhyme in class, rapping to the Beastie Boys, among others. He sometimes ambushes the class by transforming himself into a character from a case study, forcing his students to respond to the executive he plays. "It's a technique that gets students to manage difficult situations in the moment," he says.