JumpStart grad 'RentStuff.com' taps network for Seed capital

Venture Connections Nashville
Oct 3, 2011

RentStuff Inc., the Nashville startup whose online platform supports transactions among people who borrow and lend things, is nearly ready to trade some of its shares for seed capital.

RentStuff might easily have been a California startup, if it hadn't been for co-founder and CTO Adam Albright's experience at Vanderbilt's Owen Graduate School of Management, where Albright expects to complete his MBA in 2012. (Albright holds a VU degree in computer science.)

Albright won a $15,000 grant through a Summer entrepreneurship competition held at Owen, and then prevailed on Jaeger -- who had already relocated with his wife and brother to California, in anticipation of setting-up RentStuff there -- to enter the JumpStart Foundry accelerator program and base the business here. JumpStart's investor day on Aug. 25 put RentStuff in the spotlight alongside classmates.

Michael Burcham, Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management, is also quoted.