Guns-in-bars gets a reality check

The Tennessean
Oct 20, 2011

Proponents of Tennessee’s new guns-allowed-in-bars law explained that gun-permit holders were responsible citizens. They would never break the law by drinking in bars and restaurants while carrying their guns.

State Rep. Curry Todd just proved that this simple idea is wrong. Police reported that he was driving drunk, with a loaded handgun.

Even the most responsible gun owner will at times be tempted to drink while packing, even though they know it is illegal. And once they get a few drinks under their belt, permit holders, just like other human beings, do stupid things. That is why most Tennesseans — including many gun owners — think it is foolish to allow guns in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol.

Ray Friedman, president of Gun Free Dining Tennessee and Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management Brownlee O. Currey Professor of Management is quoted.