Vanderbilt Certificate in Management Fundamentals

The Vanderbilt Certificate in Management Fundamentals is designed to teach you core management principles and help you develop the skills to achieve results. Comprised of a carefully selected series of four programs, you will gain the wisdom to ask the right questions and the confidence to make informed decisions.

The Vanderbilt Certificate in Management Fundamentals will offer strategies and a comprehensive set of tools for managing your organization, including the areas of operations, finance and accounting, marketing and innovation. Through this program series, you will master techniques for:

  • Identifying opportunities to reduce waste and increase your value/cost ratio
  • Aligning your operations strategy with the target market, core competencies and business goals
  • Recognizing and assessing financial risks
  • Identifying factors that improve your cash cycle
  • Building, revitalizing or extending a brand
  • Using analytics and company data to make more informed decisions
  • Strategically generating, assessing and implementing ideas in your organization

To be eligible for the Vanderbilt Certificate in Management Fundamentals you must complete four required programs over a 36-month period. The programs do not need to be taken consecutively or in any particular order—select the scheduled dates that are most convenient for you.

Required Programs Include:

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  • Achieving Operational Excellence (2 days)
    Taught by distinguished researcher David Dilts, this program will help you revolutionize your operations and business results by finding opportunities for increased efficiencies and effectiveness. Uncover and understand your current processes, and learn how to transform them into competitive weapons by making them leaner, faster, more focused, more flexible and of higher quality.
  • Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Managers (3 days)
    Taught by award-winning Vanderbilt business professors Germain Boer and Paul Chaney, this program covers the guiding principles of finance and accounting and illustrates the purpose of, and relationships among, various financial statements. Learn to uncover profit potential hidden in the financial numbers and guide your organization’s capital to its most productive use.
  • Marketing for Strategic Growth (2 days)
    Taught by marketing and brand management expert Steve Hoeffler, this program explores fundamental concepts of marketing and teaches key skills and tools that will help you make key marketing decisions, such as how to position a product and which audiences to target. Whether you are the one who develops strategic marketing campaigns or you simply need a clearer grasp of how to assist in your organization’s marketing strategy, will make you a more effective manager.
  • Strategic Innovation (2 days)
    Taught by renowned innovation author and Vanderbilt professor David A. Owens, this program shows how to create a culture and a process for nurturing strategic, business-building innovation by overcoming the internal and external forces that stifle innovation in organizations. Discover the strategic advantage of innovating in a practical and systematic way.

Who This Certificate is Right For:

This certificate is right for you if you need to focus intensely on building the specific skills necessary to be a highly effective manager. You may be a:

  • Manager (of any level and any function)
  • Director, board member or rising executive
  • Entrepreneur or small business owner

Total Program Length: 

9 days over 36 months

Total Program Cost: 


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